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Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana – GRUPO SURA is a holding company, listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and in LATIBEX, the Spanish market for Latinamerican issuers, we have two ADR-Level I programs in the United States for the common and the preferred share. GRUPO SURA holds a significant portfolio of investments in leading Colombian companies as well as other important stakes in other countries of the Americas. This portfolio is mainly concentrated in strategic investments in the financial, pension, insurance, social security and complementary services sectors and is complemented by other investments in processed food, cement and energy. The Company is part of the DJSI, Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Grupo SURA formalized its intention to subscribe to all shares issued by Bancolombia

14 February 2014 | Material Information
Incompliance with current reporting requirements and as previously reported using this same mechanism, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. hereby announces that, based on that decided by its Board of Directors at a meeting held on December 19,2013, it has formalized its intention to subscribe to all those preferred, non-voting shares issued by Bancolombia to which it is entitled as part of the preferential subscription rights held by the Bank´s current shareholders. As the market is well aware, the actual structuring of this issue of shares, as announced by Bancolombia in the respective Prospectus, is based on the book building system, and therefore the share´s subscription price shall only be established by the Bank´s Board of Directors once all the corresponding b...


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